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Florence, received the “Smart City Green” award thanks to their connected green spaces.


In 2019, Florence (Italy) has been awarded “Smart City Green” for using our solution HummBox Smart Watering. We deployed our sensors in the city’s gardens and the Municipal Garden Services have noticed they reduced by 35% their water consumption during the summer. They also reduced to garderners round trips while keeping green spaces high quality.

Florence utilise l'arrosage intelligent
they use smart watering solution

Connected green spaces in Sanary-sur-mer (South of France)

A Smart Watering solution has been installed in february 2020 in a parking lot of the Sanary-sur-mer city. In 4 months they have been able to save 25% of water (820 minutes of watering saved). The city knows its real daily water consumption.

City of Paris use smart watering solution

The city of Paris uses Smart

Watering solution

The city of Paris is deploying a smart watering solution in its “Square Hélène”  (17th district) in order to reduce its water consumption during watering season.  

They trust us with their connected green spaces

axians arrosage intelligent
arrosage intelligent veolia
Sanary sur mer arrosage intelligent
Société des eaux de marseille eau connectée
engie arrosage intelligent
arrosage intelligent soprema
Lafarge Holcim utilise l'arrosage intelligent
Birdz arrosage intelligent
Ineo et greencityzen
sanary sur mer espaces verts connectés
Canaux d'eau connecté marseille
arrosage intelligent connecté
arrosage intelligent soprema
arrosage intelligent lafarge holcim
arrosage intelligent birdz

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