Hummbox Smart Watering

Irrigation of green spaces controlled by plants

HummBox Smart Watering solution puts everyone on the same page



Water monitoring

Continously monitor the water needs of your plants from your mobile application.

Water meter

Water meter

Water savings

Because every drop counts, save up to 67% of water on your green spaces.

The gardener

The gardener

Reduce your trips

By supervising your green spaces remotely, you reduce your travel by 40%.



District cooling

Fight against urban heat islands 
by cooling the city by

Smart irrigation is much more than a centralized watering system

Soil sensors and connected water meters

arrosage intelligent suivi hydrique et comptage d'eauTo continuously monitor the water status of the plants and account for water consumption.

Connected electrovalve controllers

To optimize and control remote watering from a user interface

A mobile application for watering control

l'arrosage intelligent compatible pour tousTo monitor water status, water consumption and configure watering schedules.

Water when needed

Asservissement arrosage intelligent

Watering is adjusted automatically each day, according to water monitoring. In order to optimize water savings.

Performance indicators

smart watering indicators

Visualization of water savings, cooling power of the plant, and continuous water monitoring.

Activity log

arrosage intelligent journal d'activité

A photo/commentary log for maintenance, agronomic monitoring and biodiversity activities.

Smart watering solution, for all green spaces 

The new ones and old ones

Compatible electrovalves 9V

The products are compatible with all 9V solenoid valves on the market (or 24V in option).

Compatible water meters

A connected meter or reading head
is installed on the existing

Compatible green spaces

Smart watering can be installed on all spaces, gardens, roadside, green roofs and walls,…

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More autonomy for gardeners

Hummbox Smart Watering, the solution to increase the autonomy of the community in its watering management

An agronomic follow-up service, training dedicated to the interpretation of data and review of watering recommendations at 2 weeks.

Exploitation is no longer an option

Patrimony referential

Tools to reference the city’s tree assets are available with smart watering.

Sensor fleet management

Dashboards to manage sensors, reception or battery incidents.

Exploitation log

A follow-up of the maintenance of the materials/equipment in the same place.

The hunt for leaks is on

A leak detection system and email and SMS alerts

This Smart watering solution detects leaks upstream of the network, when the solenoid valves are closed and water consumption is detected.
And downstream of the network, when water consumption during an irrigation is abnormally high.

smart watering solution

The simplicity of wireless installation

No wired installation

No wired installation

Automatic connection

Via Sigfox & LoRaWAN networks (public or private).
No need of base stations, relays, repeaters.

No electricity supply

No electricity supply

No need of 220 V

Smart watering doesn’t have to be
power supplied.
No connection work required.

Autonomous equipments

Autonomous equipments

Sensors with battery

The battery of the sensors allows a total autonomy. Up to 10 years of autonomy guaranteed for 6 measures/day. 

Installation in 15 minutes

Installation in 15 minutes

Rapidity & simplicity

A smart watering system can be deployed easily. The simplicity of the solution allows a 15 minutes installation. .

A native interoperability

Data can be injected directly into your information system or application.

How ? With our open and non-proprietary system.

Data dictionary

API explorer

0G reconciles “Smart City” & “Environment”

Systems that do not require WiFi, 5G or SIM cards. LPWan technologies called 0G have radiation powers and average data rates close to zero. To greatly reduce the digital footprint.

The eco-design of Hummbox products: made in France and recyclable. To fight against programmed obsolescence and in a sustainable development approach.

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