Hummbox Electrovalve Controller Lora (LoraWan)

HummBox Electrovalve Controller is a long range radio valve programmer. The box is 100% waterproof and autonomous. Thanks to its Sigfox or LoRaWan connectivity, the box is connected to public networks and does not require any other infrastructure (no need for a base station or base station or electrical wiring). It also has the ability to collect data from a water meter or a rain gauge.
or a rain gauge.

Connected Solenoid Valve Controller

  • Solenoid valve control, up to 4 solenoid valves 9V or 24V (as an option with an extension box)
  • Possible connection of a water meter or a rain gauge

Applications : Smart Watering of green spaces, Agricultural irrigation, Green walls and roofs

Network compatibility: Sigfox, LoRaWAN (private or operated)

This sensor works with an external push button required for start-up, installation and reboot. Make sure you have this accessory to use the Solenoid Valve Controller (See here).
It is not necessary to have 1 push button per Hummbox EVC (Electrovalve Controller).





Solenoid valve control, up to 4 solenoid valves 9V (or 24V in option with an extension box)
Possible connection of a water meter or a rain gauge
Automatic control of watering on humidity or rainfall threshold
External administration button for the EVC box
LPWAN communication (Sigfox or LoRaWAN)
Easy installation
Flat mounting by screw or rivet, pendular
In situ configuration via push button, (Bluetooth roadmap)
Sound feedback of interactions
Low maintenance
Up to 8 years of autonomy
ADR (Adaptive Data Rate) function available for LoRaWAN network
Waterproof and robust case (IP68)
French design and manufacturing
Recyclable (contribution to an approved organization)
Functionality of coupling with the platform

Remote configuration of the watering schedule via the application, in calendar or periodic mode
Consistency check of the watering schedules
Management of the weight of water metering pulses
Watering control / remote soil moisture sensor
Remote restart of the box via the application


Low cost of deployment and maintenance
Dual mode LoRa Sigfox for more flexibility
LoRaWan standard for connection to operated or private networks: no need for a dedicated base station or relay or electrical wiring
Unlimited range
4 times autonomy versus competing solutions
Water flow measurement for leak detection
Servo control capability to maximize water savings
Synchronization of programmers to avoid pressure loss risks
Guaranteed SLA on the platform
Sensor specifications
Number of controllable solenoid valves: 1 to 4 (9V or 24V optional)
Types of schedule : Agenda or periodic
Serial / parallel watering : Yes (Configurable via the application)
Water metering : 1 connector for a meter reading head
Watering control function on humidity sensor : Yes
EMC protection : Yes


Radio frequency : 868 Mhz
Standard LoRaWan Emission power: 14dBm - EIRP: 16 dBm - Receiver sensitivity: -148dBm
Sigfox Emission power: 14dBm - EIRP: 16 dBm - Receiver sensitivity: -126 dBm
Antenna: Whip 1⁄2 wave, Internal (option), External dome with extension (3m) (option)
Measurement frequency: Configurable via cloud (1 to 144 times/day)
Adaptive frequency with "Smart Frequency"
Operating temperature: -20°C + 50°C
Recommended storage temperature: +20°C ; +25°C
Power supply : Li-SOCl2 battery - 3,6V 6500mAh- type C (Ø26x50mm)
Autonomy : Battery C Up to 12 years for 6 measurements per day @ 20°C in LoRaWAN mode - x 2.5 on average in " Smart Frequency " mode
Compliance : CE, ROHS, LoRaWan, Sigfox, Objenious, Orange


Dimensions: L 140 x W 100 x H 100 mm
Weight: 200g
Waterproofing: IP68
Material type: Polypropylene plastic - Black - UV stabilized
Fixings: Rivet; screw, clamp; pendulum; wall via bracket