Hummbox Water meter (connected)

Hummbox Water meter is a pulse counting device, connected via Sigfox or LoRaWan. self-powered pulse counter or dry-switch to connect active meter heads or passive meters like magnetic reed, contacts, digital pulse generators

Applications: Smart watering, Agriculture, green spaces, sanitation, sports

Network compatibility: Sigfox, LoRaWAN (operated or public)

download hummbox water meter datasheet



• Smart watering.
• Smart agriculture.
• Landscaping
• Urban heat islands.
• Building automation.


• Pulse counting or dry switch
• LPWAN communication (Sigfox ou LoRaWAN)
• Configurable via command line interface and downlink command interface (Measurement frequency, Device reboot,..)
• Patented “Smart Frequency” to extend battery life
• Self-adapted transmission frequency upon signal dynamic
• Up to 250% battery life increase • Global improvement of network performance.
• Easy to install o Connection with sensor with waterproof SP13 connector
o In situ configuration via wire push button
o Sound feedback
o Place and measure: no setup required
• Electronic protection against environmental influences, over-voltage and reverse polarity, lightning protection
• Low maintenance Battery life up to 12 years
• In option: solar panel for a full autonomy
• ADR (Adaptive Data Rate) available for LoRaWAN network
• Waterproof and robust package (IP68)
• European design made in France


• Low total cost of ownership
• Reliable data measurement
• Boost battery life
• Dual mode LoRaWan or Sigfox for more flexibility


Radio frequency: EU868, AU915, US915 and AS923
Standard LoRaWan: Transmission power: 14dBm ; EIRP: 16 dBm ; Receptor sensitivity: -148dBm
Sigfox: Transmission power: 14dBm ; EIRP: 16 dBm ; Receptor sensitivity: -126 dBm
Antenna: External ; Internal (option)
Measurement frequency: Configurable via cloud (1 to 144 times/ day) ; Adaptative frequency with « Smart Frequency »
Operating temperature: -20°C + 60°C
Storage temperature: +20°C ; +25°C
Power supply: Battery Li-SOCl2 - 3,6V 6500mAh- type C ; Alkaline battery - 4.5V 3*AA (option)
Autonomy: 12 years for 6 measurement per day @ 20°C in LoRaWAN 5,5 years for 48 measurement per day @ 20°C in LoRaWAN X 2,5 with «Smart Frequency»
Conformance: CE, ROHS, EN 60068-2-14 standard
Compatibility: with any LoRaWAN (Orange, Objenious, TTN, TTI,..) or Sigfox networks of any provider