Smart irrigation for green spaces

Smart watering consists of conditioning the irrigation of green spaces (action), based on the real water needs of plants (measurement).
The solutions combine centralized watering technologies and soil moisture sensors to significantly reduce water consumption and preserve the quality of green spaces.

Irrigation of green spaces:

Few figures to understand better how the

cities water their parks and gardens

Green spaces in France

55 000 hectares to be watered

91 % of municipalities water with drinking water

65 % of water volume is used for irrigation
11 % of green space budget 

The benefits of green spaces

With the watering control, we notice
Up to 6°C
Of district cooling

It is also the 1rst carbon trap in the city

Smart irrigation, how does it work ?

A smart watering solution is composed of 4 types of connected equipment :
  1. Soil sensors
  2. Electrovalve controllers remotely piloted
  3. Connected water meters
  4. Weather stations
Depending on the humidity measurements for each zone and the rainfall, an automation between devices and the application, allows the watering to be delivered as accurately as possible, every day.
More than just an intelligence within the system, this daily adjustment provides significant water savings.
The connected water meter identify hidden leaks.
And the weather station provides a global view of water supply (rainfall forecast) and temperature.
smart watering


Smart irrigation


Which green space watering system should I choose for my city ?

Smart watering, the latest generation of irrigation system, replacing the old watering devices?  

A solution that combines the advantages of a stand-alone programmer and centralized watering.

smart watering solution