Hummbox Soil sensor

HummBox soil is a sensor for measuring soil parameters (humidity, temperature, electroconductivity), connected via Sigfox or LoraWan, autonomous in energy. It allows to calculate the water stock of the soil to manage the watering with precision. The solution includes a transmission box, the HummBox, and an associated external wired sensor.

Several types of capacitive or tensiometric sensors can be associated with the HummBox and configured via the application. This allows to reuse the same box with several sensors depending on the use case. Can control up to 3 capacitive or 3 tensiometric sensors.


  • Smart Watering of green spaces and gardens
  • Root recovery
  • Watering of sports fields
  • Agricultural watering

download hummbox SOIL DATASHEET


  • Reference sensor on the market
  • LPWAN communication (Sigfox or LoRaWAN)
  • Remote configuration of the measurement frequency via the application (every 10mn)
  • Fleet management tools for operational maintenance (remote restart of the box via the application
  • Patented autonomy boost mode (configurable via application) o Adaptation of the transmission frequency to the dynamics of the measured parameter o 250% increase in battery life o Improvement of the global performance of the network
  • Easy installation o Screw or rivet mounting (vandal-proof box in option) o In situ configuration via push button o Sound feedback to consider the interactions.
  • Reduced maintenance.
  • Up to 12 years of autonomy
  • ADR (Adaptive Data Rate) function available for the LoRaWAN network
  • Waterproof and robust IP68 enclosures
  • French design and manufacturing, recycling after end of life.
  • Low cost of deployment and maintenance
  • High reliability of sensor connection (IP68 waterproof SP13 connector)
  • Data and business indicators easily accessible via application or API
  • Boosted autonomy.
  • Dual mode LoRaWan or Sigfox for more flexibility during multi-zone deployment

Accuracy/range: Soil 2 & 3: < 2% (0-60%) / Soil 4: 0-200 centibars
Resolution: 1% (0-60%)
Cable length: 2 m (6 m optional)
Initial calibration: Factory (parameters reported in the application)


Radio frequency: 868 Mhz
- LoRaWan Emission power: 14dBm - EIRP: 16 dBm - Receiver sensitivity: -148dBm
- Sigfox Emission power: 14dBm - EIRP: 16 dBm - Receiver sensitivity: -126 dBm
Antenna: Whip 1⁄2 wave, Internal (option), External dome with extension (3m) (option)
Measurement frequency: Configurable via cloud (1 to 144 times/day) Adaptive frequency with "Smart Frequency"
Operating temperature: -20°C + 50°C
Recommended storage temperature: +20°C ; +25°C
Power supply : Li-SOCl2 battery - 3,6V 6500mAh- type C (Ø26x50mm)
Autonomy : Battery C Up to 12 years for 6 measurements per day @ 20°C in LoRaWAN mode - x 2.5 on average in " Smart Frequency " mode
Compliance : CE, ROHS, LoRaWan, Sigfox, Objenious, Orange


Dimensions: L 125 x W 110 x H 100 mm
Weight: 250g
Waterproofing: IP68
Material type: Polypropylene plastic - Black - UV stabilized
Fixings: Rivet; screw, clamp; pendulum; wall via bracket